Terms & Conditions for Employers

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

  1. What are these terms and conditions?
  2. 1.1. These are the terms and conditions that apply when you (“you” and “your”) enter into an agreement with Minimum Wage NZ Ltd trading as Minimum Wage NZ (“we”, “us” and “our”).

    1.2. Our agreement with you is concluded entirely through this website.

    1.3. An agreement is reached when:

    • you subscribe to our services; and
    • confirm that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions; and
    • pay immediately the subscription fee due.

    1.4. The agreement remains valid until such time as you unsubscribe or we terminate the agreement.

  3. Who is Minimum Wage NZ and what do we do?
  4. 2.1. We are an employment recruitment agency that assists people starting out in the workforce or returning to the workforce, by referring them to employers who are offering jobs at a Training Wage, Minimum Wage to Living Wage. Some employers may opt to offer more than these rates.

    2.2. We work with both job seekers and employers to fulfil their employment needs at Training Wage, Minimum Wage, and or Living Wage. Some employers may opt to offer more than these rates.

    2.3. We seek to fulfil the needs of job seekers and employers by actively promoting their registered profiles, matching their job needs, arranging interviews, finalising employment contracts and achieving the mutual goal of job placement.

    2.4. We will email you a full information pack detailing our services and how we work with you.

  5. What do you pay us for our services?
  6. 3.1. If you are an employer and you subscribe to our services, then you agree to the following:

    • to pay a subscription fee of $199.00 + gst for a 30 day membership in which your membership will automatically expire at 30 days. Your original Company profile will be saved with all your previous information and job listings when you choose to renew another 30days. The membership is payable immediately you subscribe (“the subscription fee”);

  7. What is our refund policy?
  8. 4.1. There will be no refund of any subscription fee or placement fee as a consequence of the behaviour, act or failure to perform by any job seeker placed in a job through our services.

  9. What else are you agreeing to?
  10. 5.1. You also agree you will:

    • allow us to advertise/promote your profile and job vacancies on this website;
    • allow us to edit or remove any information on a profile that we may consider to be unacceptable; make all your enquiries regarding listed job seekers exclusively though us or this website;
    • respond in a timely way to our requests for two interview times;
    • interview all job seekers in good faith;
    • provide the requested feedback to us regarding a job seeker’s performance at interview, immediately following the interview;
    • make all offers of employment to referred job seekers exclusively through us;
    • forward any necessary employment contract signed by you to us for the job seeker to sign;
    • not have any personal contact or communication with a listed job seeker, until the first interview that is arranged by us;
    • comply with all statutory employment and health and safety requirements;
    • keep your username and password ("Login") confidential at all times and not share your Login with other employers/companies or partnered companies;
    • take all reasonable steps to prevent the misuse and unauthorised use of your Login.
    • inform us immediately of any changes in your details.
  11. What are we responsible for?
  12. 6.1. While we will do our best to meet your needs, screen job seekers (including obtaining references where we can) and filter suitable job seekers to your jobs, we do not guarantee that we will be successful in referring job seekers to you and we are not responsible or liable for:

    • the integrity or accuracy of the information supplied to us by any job seeker;
    • any loss, costs (including legal costs), expenses or damage suffered by you as a consequence of the behaviour, act, omission or failure to perform by any job seeker placed in a job through our services; or
    • the completion of police vetting or criminal history checks; or
    • circumstances beyond our control; and
    • further you agree to indemnify us for any monetary loss incurred by us, as a consequence of any claim made against us, due to the actions or omissions of the job seeker you employ or contract.
  13. When can our agreement with you be terminated?
  14. 7.1. Either of us may terminate our agreement:

    • when you unsubscribe;
    • when we unsubscribe you either as a consequence of a failure to pay a subscription fee or a placement fee by a due date or on our own volition at the end of a month before a renewal subscription is due; and
    • please note we have the right to disable any Login due to what we consider may be misuse or unauthorised use at any time.
  15. What are our privacy obligations to you?
  16. 8.1. The information we hold about you, including your registration details, profile information and feedback from job seekers, will only be used for the purpose of assisting us in the provision of our services to you.

    8.2. You can request access to that information at any time and request that we remove such information or amend any mistakes in it.

  17. What do you need to know about the use of this website?
  18. 9.1. We will endeavour to correct any errors or omissions on this website as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention. However, we do not undertake that the information on this website will be free from errors or omissions.

    9.2. On occasions, we may change these terms and conditions. However, any change will only take effect at the end of a monthly subscription period and you will be notified of any changes.

    9.3. We also reserve the right to change, add to, modify or disable existing features in this website to allow for maintenance procedures or the upgrade of our systems and facilities.

    9.4. By your use of this website, you agree that you are using this website solely at your own risk and we do not undertake that this website is free of infection by viruses, worms, trojan horses or any other destructive influence.

    9.5. To our knowledge this website does not place cookies on the hard drive of your computer.

    9.6. You must not use this site or its contents to damage or disrupt any other website.

    9.7. We are not responsible for the content of any other linked website.

    9.8. All content on this website such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, digital downloads, data compilations and software is owned by Minimum Wage NZ Ltd. Everything on this website is copyrighted, unless otherwise noted and you agree not to breach our intellectual property rights by copying or using for your own purposes any intellectual property included on this website.

    9.9. Finally, this website is exclusively governed by and is to be interpreted in accordance with, the laws of New Zealand.