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Minimum Wage NZ is an Employment Portal for Minimum Wage earners at $18.90p/hr and upwards to $31 p/hr +. We encourage jobseekers to upload a profile with their job preferences and location. Companies will then find you to fill their roles.

Visa Holders welcome.


We help you!

Finding a job can be nerve racking.

Our team of recruiters promote you to jobs that match your needs, so you don’t have to.

In the unlikely case there are no jobs that fit your criteria, we will promote you to similar jobs to help widen your job search.

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Employers find you!

Upload a profile for companies to then find you based on their preferences. Your contact details will remain private until the interview.

Giving you access to hundreds of jobs with zero job searching.

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Job progress

Any progress made we email you timely job updates, as well as update your progress bar so you know where you stand.

Once you are selected by a company we contact you for interview times.

If the interview is successful you will be offered a role.

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Congratulations you have been offered a role!

We will forward you the hiring contract for you to sign.

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Not hired

Our site provides feedback on your profile for punctuality, presentation and communication after every interview. With good feedback you have a stronger chance at landing the next job.

Don’t give up hope as we will continue to put your profile forward.

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