Why jobseekers should subscribe?

Saving costs toward travelling to multiple interviews to see if you are the right fit for different roles. e.g. bus, train, petrol costs.

Companies find you! Giving you access to hundreds of jobs with zero job searching.

Finding a job can be nerve racking. We promote you to jobs that match your needs, so you don’t have to. Upload your profile and let us do the work.

We care about you. We actively promote your profile to companies to increase your chance of getting hired. We send timely job updates so you know where you stand. If you have any questions our dedicated customer support will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Your profile cannot be viewed by anyone browsing our site or other jobseekers. This includes members and non members for privacy reasons. Only hiring, registered companies can view your profile.

Companies cannot make direct contact with the jobseeker until time of interview. Interview times are set up through the portal.

Why Companies should Subscribe?

Stop wasting time interviewing the wrong people until you find the right one. With Minimum Wage NZ we offer you a platform for you to look for the right candidates in your own time. Whether that be after hours, weekends, or even on vacation.

Save cost on advertising. Hire more than one person to fill different roles.

Multiple staff interaction. With you can share your login between staff to help HR find candidates for managers to review.

Note: Log ins cannot be shared amongst different companies.

Low recruitment fees. Most NZ recruitment agencies charge 12% to 30%.

Access to multiple candidates.

Expand your search by using specific keywords to find jobseekers like skills, location to find suitable jobseekers you want to hire.

Jobseekers cannot make direct contact with any Companies.

How do I cancel?

Employers pay $199 + gst for a 30 day membership upfront to hire unlimited candidates in their own time. Your membership will expire after 30 days. You are welcome to join again anytime.

Please read our Terms and conditions for more information, as we do not guarantee that you will be accepted for a job vacancy or find an ideal candidate.

What are the Minimum Wage rates?

The current minimum wage rates (before tax) are as at 1 April 2020 and apply to employees aged 16 years or over:

Type of minimum wagePer hour8 hour day40 hour week80 hour fortnight

Employees have to be paid at least minimum hourly wage rate for every hour worked.

Please see: