Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get Employed but I do not like the job?

You just come back on and “Activate your profile” which allows Employers to see you again. However you must update your CV with your last job. We encourage you to leave on good terms as your profile should be honest and reflect your work history.

How long will it take me to get a job?

It really depends on what Employers are looking for. While we encourage you to build a profile for free this is just another way to help you hunt for a new position.

What part does Minimum Wage NZ play in helping me to get a job?

We are simply a portal for Employers to see you and offer you a position. We will try boosting you to employers as well but it is always up to the Employers to make an offer.

How will I get a job offer?

Employers will send you an interview invite to your profile which you will receive a notification via mobile and email. After you have met with the Employer during the interview they will then make contact with you directly to give you a job offer should you be successful.

How much will I get paid?

There are 4 earning brackets which you will select one that reflects your work experience. The Employers will decide what they would like to offer you which will be the same or more than what you have selected but not less than. Please see below the earning brackets for Candidates and Employers to select.

  1. $18.90 p/hr - $22 p/hr
  2. $23 p/hr - $26 p/hr
  3. $27 p/hr - $30 p/hr
  4. $31p/hr + to be discussed

Is it only Minimum Wage that I receive?

No, we have 4 earning brackets from $18.90 to $31 per hour and above which you can choose to select.

Why do you have jobseekers and non-jobseekers join?

Because Minimum Wage NZ is an employment portal that you Activate your profile when you are available as well as Deactivate your profile when you no longer need employment. Just a press of a button as long as your profile is up to date.

What if I want to have more than Minimum Wage?

You just select what you think you are worth on your earning bracket. The Employer will select you based on your experience or what they are willing to pay.

When will I get hired?

Unlike other recruitment we do not place you. Employers choose you from our pool of candidates.

Do I have to pay to join?

Jobseekers do not pay.

Who will see my profile?

Only You and Employers see your profile. Employers cannot see your personal information only our staff for privacy reasons.

What if I do not get chosen?

We have lots of Companies that come on board and are frequently looking for new candidates. We also help you to find a placement.

How do Employers see my profile?

You must press the Activation button to green this will tell you that Employers can see you.

What do I do when I have found a job?

Deactivate your profile.

What do I do when I want to come back on?

Activate your profile and update your last job.

How many jobseekers can Employers choose?

There is no limit. Employers can choose as many as they want within their 30 day membership.

How do Employers set interviews?

They send an invite through our portal to the candidate with time, date, address and person to meet. We can also assist.