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Minimum Wage NZ is simply a portal for Minimum Wage earners and upwards to display their employment talents and availability so Employers like you can find workers much easier. Employers pay $199 + gst upfront for a 30 day membership that allows you to select unlimited candidates for multiple job vacancies you have available. We hope to make your process easier and more cost effective to fill your roles.

All Temp Roles, Part-time, Full-time Roles are welcome.

Visa Holders are welcome.


Recruitment for you

Stop wasting time interviewing the wrong people until you find the right one.

With Minimum Wage NZ we offer a platform for you to look for the right candidates in your own time.

Whether that be after hours, weekends, or even on vacation.

You can also share your login between staff to help HR find candidates for managers to review.

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Choosing Reliable Staff

Search for suitable candidates based on skills, location, and preferences.

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Selecting Jobseekers

Once you have found a suitable Jobseeker save them to your shortlist for that specific job listing.

Then decide which ones from your shortlist you will send an interview invite.

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Interview Successful

We will ask you to send a contract which we will then present to the jobseeker to read, sign and accept.

If the candidate is on Jobseekers Support, your contract will be sent through to work and income to let them know.

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Role Filled

Congratulations on filling your role with

For any questions view our Terms & Conditions or feel free to call us.

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