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Our mission is to make it easier for businesses
to handpick and employ Kiwi talent

Employers select job seekers
that fit with their positions.

Bringing together local job seekers and employers.

Minimum Wage allows businesses to search through job seekers
and select suitable candidates for their available roles.

Job seekers.

Join our community of Kiwi based job seekers. It’s free to all job seekers. Upload your profile for employers to find you based on their preferences. Your contact details will remain private until the interview. You will have access to hundreds of jobs with zero job searching.


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We offer a platform for you to look for the right candidates in your own time. Whether that be after hours, weekends, or even on vacation. You can also share your login between staff to help HR find candidates for managers to review.

One-off, monthly and annual subscriptions available:

- Hire unlimited candidates
- List unlimited jobs
- Select from 100’s of potential job seekers
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